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With Medical Tourism you will find board-certified doctors, cutting-edge medical equipment, high-quality services and the best international destinations.
When you choose one of our verified specialists, you can be confident that they have gone through our verification process, in which we ensure that they are qualified to provide expert attention at a reasonable cost.
14 million
People travel for medical tourism
35% and 80%
Savings compared to US costs
Top destinations
You will find the most popular cities in the world.

General information

Our selected board-certified specialists have the knowledge, education, skills, and infrastructure to give top-quality treatments.
•Cellular reception is generally excellent all throughout the cities and selected destinations, roaming costs may apply and can vary from carrier.
•You can pay at most places in dollars, but the exchange rate may be very low; instead, you can pay with your credit or debit card; you can ask for the terminal and they will do the transaction where you can watch it.
•Uber works in most destinations; if your Uber driver is picking you up at the airport, in some countries it's common that they ask you to walk away from the airport entrance, and they can drop you off directly at your gate.
Safety tips
We advise visiting the following websites to assist you to prepare before visiting a foreign country.
•We suggest you don’t hitchhike in any country always use, taxi, uber or public transportation.
•Water that’s used for business and homes and its perfectly safe for showering and brushing teeth but we don’t recommend to drink tap water unless they offer additional filtration methods before the water gets to the faucet, you can find bottled water everywhere.
•When driving always use toll roads, and avoid driving late.
For your convenience on each of our destinations, we provided the information of the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency, they can provide help in case you lose your passport or other documents.
You can find specific information about the city in our locations section.